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What is Automated Quick Invest?

Automated Quick Invest is Prosper’s tool that places a standing order for loans that meet an investor’s search criteria. You can automate your investment two ways:

  1. By completing a Quick Invest order: Simply click the “Automate” button at the end of placing your order, and Automated Quick Invest will place your order – just as you’ve instructed in Quick Invest – as new loans that meet your loan search criteria become available. No need to sign-in to invest in the loans you want.
  2. From the Automated Quick Invest page: Any loan search criteria you’ve saved will appear on this page. To automate investment in any of your search criteria, simply check “Automate” and set a maximum investment amount per loan. You can also set an order limit — or let your order run until your available cash runs out.

Investments are confirmed by email (based on your preferences). You can modify your Automated Quick Invest order at any time.


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