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How do I submit required documents?

The Documents page under ‘My Account’ allows you to easily upload documents required for your loan application.

Click ‘Upload’ to select a file to upload from your computer.

The Documents page also allows you to view the status of documents already submitted.

Once files have been submitted, you can do the following from the Documents page:

  • expand each file to see full details such as date uploaded and source (website, email)
  • remove an uploaded document by clicking “Delete” – Note: You cannot delete documents that are in review (Processing), or have an Accepted state

You can also email documents to
Note: The email must come from the email address you used to join Prosper.

Upload tips

  • Scan your documents in color, making sure the entire document is clear and legible
  • Acceptable file formats include PDF, JPG, JPEG, TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF
  • File size must be 10 MB or less
  • You can upload multiple files per document upload request
  • Ensure each file contains one document type. For example, File_1 contains Driver’s license only 

Document status definitions

  • Received – We have received your document and it is yet to be reviewed
  • Processing – We have received your document and it is currently in review
  • Accepted – Your document was accepted and your loan application is currently in review
  • Rejected – Your document was rejected as unacceptable. Any reason(s) why will be clearly stated.
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