How do I get started with Auto Invest?

Investors only need to define their investment criteria and save these settings in order for Auto Invest to get started. The basic investment criteria for Auto Invest includes (1) a target loan allocation and (2) the amount invested per note. Investors have the option of choosing from one of the preset target loan allocations, any of which can be customized by changing the percentage allocated to each loan rating, or creating a custom target allocation across Prosper loan ratings based on their risk tolerance. Investors can further customize their investment criteria by adding loan filters.

Investors can save their investment criteria and turn on Auto Invest even if their Prosper account is not funded. Auto Invest will start investing once funds are available in the investor's account. As the Notes held in the investor’s account generate principal and interest payments from borrowers, the account may accumulate a cash balance, which Auto Invest will reinvest automatically based on the investor’s investment criteria.

Auto Invest will NOT invest if there is zero cash in the account.

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